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     Part 2 Assignments, Videos and Quizzes    
Call Jen with any questions (616) 566-5236 or e-mail

Lesson 1

  • Print class calendar, Assignment sheet  and quiz sheet from prior page (optional but recommended)

  • Watch lesson 1 videos:

VIDEO 1: Welcome to Part 2 (19 min) 2.1.1 LINK  

VIDEO 2: Review of Part 1 (11 min) 2.1.2 LINK

VIDEO 3: Constitution of the Human Being Review/deepening p.1                      (49min) 2.1.3 LINK

  • Sit in meditation for 10 min at least 3 times/week until class starts (and beyond)

Lesson 3

Video 1a: Solar Plexus. p. 17 (11 min)    2.3.1a LINK

Video 1b: Solar Plexus Anatomy  (39 min)    2.3.1b LINK

Video 2The Kundalini. p.47 (27 min)  2.3.2 LINK

  • Review Solar Plexus triangles from Part 1 and practice on yourself/family/friends. Don’t forget to Align & Attune.

  • Continue meditation at least 3 times/week

Lesson 2

Video 1Alignment & Attunement Review. p.7 (19min) 2.2.1 LINK

Video 2Science of Meditation. p.48 (38min) 2.2.2 LINK

  • Align & Attune daily. Place sticky note in prominent place so you remember daily.

  • Continue meditation for 10 min at least 3 times/week

Lesson 4

 Video 1a: Basic Center. p.8 (14 min)   2.4.1a LINK

 Video 1b: Basic Center anatomy  (20 min)   2.4.1b LINK

 Video 2:  Spine. p.13 (17 min)  2.4.2 LINK

 Video 3a: Initiations. p.51 (14 min)  2.4.3a LINK

 Video 3b: Initiations – continued. p.51 (39min)   2.4.3b LINK

  • Review Basic Center triangles from Part 1 and practice on yourself/family/friends.

  • Sit in meditation for 10 min at least 3 times/week. Increase to a daily practice if possible. 

Lesson 1-4 Quiz - Yay! you're half way through the videos. 

Lesson 5

Video 1a: Sacral Center. p.14 (12 min) 2.5.1a LINK

Video 1b: Sacral Center anatomy  (12 min)   2.5.1b LINK

Video 2a: The Science of Breath. p.57 (22 min)  2.5.2a LINK​

Video 2b: The Science of Breath p.57 (27min)   2.5.2b LINK​

  • Meditation referred to in video will be included live in our Zoom practical class.

  • Review Sacral Center triangles from Part 1 and practice on yourself/family/friends.

  • Practice squared breathing 6 rounds, at least 2 times during lesson 5

  • Try “breathing out from your heart” with the intent of manifesting peace and healing for the world, (feel the emotion of peace, love and healing coming from your heart to the world)

Lesson 6

Video 1aHeart Center p.23 (15 min)   1.6.1a LINK

Video 1bHeart Center anatomy (33 min)   1.6.1b LINK

Video 2a: Introduction to the Rays. p. 53-56 (16 min)    2.6.2a LINK

Video 2b: The Rays of Aspect. p. 53-56 (44 min)    2.6.2b LINK

Video 2c: The Rays of Attribute. p. 53-56 (25 min):    2.6.2c LINK

Video 2d: Rays practical use. p. 53-56   (20 min)    2.6.2d LINK

  • Review Heart Center triangles from Part 1 and practice on yourself/family/friends.

  • Memorize Basic Center/Ray 7; Sacral Center/Ray 5; Solar Plexus/Ray 6; Heart Center/Ray 2; Throat Center/Ray3.

  • Meditate on each individual Ray. Say “Ray 1 – Will and Power”. Open all senses and compare any differences that you sense. Repeat with each ray.

  • Continue meditation for at least 10 min, 3 times per week.

Lesson 7

Video 1aThroat Center. p.30  (20 min)    2.7.1a LINK

Video 1b: Throat Center Anatomy p. 30 (28 min)     2.7.1b LINK

Video 2: Basic Metaphysical Principles of Esoteric Healing 

                p.58(time)   2.7.2 LINK 

  • Review Throat Center triangles from Part 1 and practice on yourself/family/friends.

  • Continue meditation at least 3 times per week for 10+ min.

Lesson 8

Video 1: Ajna Center. p. 39,42 (12 min)   2.8.1 LINK

Video 2: Crown Center p.39, 40 (13 min)    2.8.2 LINK

Video 3Alta Major Center. p.39,41 (10min)   2.8.3 LINK

Video 4: Part 2 Review Video (25min)   2.8.3 LINK

  • Review balance of the Ajna and practice on yourself/family/friends.

  • Review the final practical protocol from Part 1 and complete 2 sessions either on yourself, family/friend or a pet. Be sure to do lymphatics, circulation and spine at least once during the sessions. Remember to work across the protocol table, doing all core triangles and then work downward in table, completing all triangles/systems on the 1-2 most deficient centers. Then finish with the entire grounding and paired balancing sequence.

  • Read Practical Class Instructions LINK no need to print.

  • Complete Final Quiz - both quizzes must be submitted and passed with at least 80% to move forward to practical class

  • Attend a student check-in/Zoom training session (see calendar) Please let Jen know which session you'll be attending.

  • Text/email photo for class directory to Jen

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